Information regarding Corona/Covid-19

How does the pandemic affect my journey with Snälltåget?

Check traffic information for more information about how Corona/Covid-19 affects your journey.

What changes have you made for travel during the pandemic?

We are following the recommendations of the authorities and updating about developments at the destinations. If the travel recommendations of the authorities change, we will of course make changes accordingly.

For those of you traveling – keep this in mind:

  • You should only travel if you are healthy and symptom-free.
  • If you are hesitant to travel, for your own sake or for the sake of others, don't travel.
  • Keep your distance to your fellow travellers when you get off and on the train, while standing in line to the toilet.
  • You are welcome to visit in our restaurant coach "The Pub", but keep your distance and if you can, avoid visiting The Pub when most people want to eat, eg at lunchtime (11.30–12.30) or at dinner time (17.30–19.00).
  • We serve hot food only in Krogen and the seats are reserved for people who wnat to eat hot food and drink beer or wine. We also sell coffee, tea, sodas, water, sandwiches, salads, snacks and candy that you can bring to your seat.

More seats on board to keep the distance

On board the train, we have increased the capacity for the number of seats, to increase the distance between passengers. Before June 30th, at some occasions you may be seated next to a person you don't travel with. During the summer, from July 1st, more people travel together and therefor we will increase the number of seats, and you may be seated next to another person.

We now offer the possibility to book a private compartment, in which you can travel by yourself or with company. Only available at Snälltå

On our connecting bus services to and from Jönköping, Växjö and Blekinge we have limited the number of seats to about 60 percent. If there are a lot of passengers on board, we kindly ask those of you travelling together to also sit together.

Booking & Tickets

Where can I purchase my ticket for Snälltåget?

You can purchase your ticket online here at Snälltå our through our customer service. If your ticket can be booked online but you choose to book your ticket through customer service, there is a surcharge of 100 SEK. You can also pruchase your ticket from a travel agency that sells train tickets, such as Skånetrafiken, Pressbyrån or 7 Eleven.

I haven't received my ticket.

Make sure the e-mail from us has not ended up in your spam folder or junk mail. When you travel with Snälltåget, you will only receive a confirmation e-mail and this is valid as a ticket. If you travel with other train or bus companies, you will receive a separate e-mail with a PDF ticket.

If you haven't recieved your ticket - send us en e-mail to and include your name, telephone number, boarding station and departure time and we will try to help you as soon as possible. If it is close to departure, ask the train staff before boarding the train.

What rules apply for rebooking and refunds?

Snälltåget has new conditions for rebooking and refunds from 13/05/2020. Bookings that where made before 13/05/2020 but where the journey is ahead of time and were not rebookable or refundable before, are now rebookable.

The follwing rules apply for both rebookable and refundable tickets:

  • Seat and Recliner seat must be cancelled at least 24 hours before departure.
  • Private Compartment and Private Compartment Comfort must be cancelled at least seven days before departure.

When a rebookable ticket is cancelled, the passenger will receive a travel voucher consisting of the ticket price excluding the booking fee, valid for purchase within 180 days. The travel voucher can be used for a rebookable ticket with Snälltåget.

When purchasing a trip where the price for the ticket is lower than that of the travel voucher, the passenger will receive a new travel voucher with the differing value. When booking through Snälltå, you automatically receive a travel voucher with the differing value, but if you book through a reseller, you have to contact us to receive a travel voucher with the differing value.

The booking fee is not refunded and is not included in the rebooking value. The booking fee is 9 SEK for Seat and Recliner seat and 79 SEK for a Private Compartment and Private Compartment Comfort when you buy your trip on Snälltå

We are more than six people travelling together.

Send us en e-mail to and include the number of passengers and their ages and names and a telephone number, and we will complete the booking for you. You pay online with Visa, MasterCard, Paypal or Swish.

When will you release the tickets?

You can subscribe to our newsletter (in Swedish) and be the first to know when tickets are available.

Do small children also need to have a ticket?

All passengers need to have a ticket on Snälltåget, including small children.

Even if a baby can sit in your lap, you often need some more space, which benefits you and your child, aswell as the other passengers. Also remember to fold your stroller before boarding the train.

Before your journey

How much luggage can I bring?

You can bring the following luggage on board:

  • one hand luggage maximum 55x40x23 cm and
  • one hand luggage maximum 80x50x35 cm and
  • a smaller personal item, for example a purse.

On our trains 3900/3901 and 3920/3921 to and from Jämtland, we offer a check-in service for your ski equipment and other bigger items.

Can I bring a stroller?

Yes, but you need to fold your stroller before boarding because the doors and passageways inside the train are narrow. There is also a height difference between platform and train, where you will need to lift the stroller.

Can I heat pre-packed baby food on board?

Yes, you can heat pre-packed baby food in our restaurant – please ask the staff for help. However, we do only heat pre-packed baby food and no other food.

Can I bring a pet?

Pets are welcome onboard in the area where pets are allowed. You can bring one pet per ticket and the pet needs to be on the floor.

When booking your ticket, always remember to choose ”Animals allowed.” If there is no such option, the area might be sold out or there might not be an animals allowed-area in that particular departure. Contact our customer service for information regarding travelling with animals on board our night trains to Jämtland.

In consideration to passengers with allergies, pets are not allowed to travel in other areas of the train, except for assistance dogs that can travel anywhere in the train.

Can I bring a bicycle?

You can bring a bicycle onboard our night trains to Jämtland in the autumn and winter. Due to lack of space, you cannot bring your bike on any of our other trains.

Can I travel with a wheelchair?

When travelling with a wheelchair, the circumstances onboard are the following: Our coaches are not in level with the platform. The height difference is approximately 65 centimetres and we do not have lifts to take you to the doors of the train, so you have to be able to get there yourself. Wheelchairs need to be folded and treated as luggage. The doors are approximately 60 centimetres wide and inside the train, there are passageways that are 45 centimetres wide. The lavatories are narrow and not adjusted to wheelchairs.

Under these circumstances, you cannot travel with an electric wheelchair on our trains.

Is there a restaurant on board?

We have a restaurant (known as Krogen, "The Pub") on all our trains in Sweden.

On our trains to Germany, we have a smaller assortment of drinks and snacks for sale.

Can I make a reservation in your restaurant?

This will be possible in the future – we are working on a solution.

Where can I find more information about ticket rules?

Here you can find more information about our ticket rules, general terms and conditions along with our privay policy.

During the journey

I cannot connect to your Wi-Fi.

Our network onboard is called Snalltaget or Snälltåget. You have to open a browser to reach our start site on If you are inactive for one hour or more, you are automatically logged out and need to log in again.

Keep in mind that the diverse landscape and movement of the train can impact the Internet's performance. We only provide Wi-Fi within Sweden.

Is my train or bus delayed?

Here you can find information about planned track works and other changes to our regular schedule.

For delays of 30 minutes or more, we inform you through SMS if you entered a mobile phone number when you booked your tickets.

What are my rights if the train is delayed?

As a traveller, you have the following options if Snälltåget is expected to arrive at the final destination with a delay of 60 minutes or more.

A) You can cancel your trip and get your money back (this also applies to tickets that are not refundable). To get your money back, you must first cancel your trip before the train's estimated time of departure from your station (see below on how to cancel), and then apply for a refund.

B) If you choose to continue the journey and the train is 60-119 minutes late on arrival, you are entitled to a compensation of 25% of the ticket price. If the train is more than 120 minutes late, you are entitled to a compensation of 50% of the ticket price.

Please use this form to apply for compensation for delay. (Currently only available in Swedish)

You are not entitled compensation if you knew about the delay when you purchased the ticket.

What happens if the train is delayed and I miss my connecting bus/train?

If you have a Resplus ticket, valid all the way to your final destination, we help you with information and if necessary re-routing to the next connection. If it is the last connection of the day, we arrange taxi or hotel. If you do not have a Resplus ticket that takes you all the way, we can only provide information about the next connection.

After the journey

I have forgotten something on board, can you help me?

Contact us by using this form and we will let you know if we find the item. (The form is currently only available in Swedish)

The train was delayed, how do I apply for compensation?

If you travelled with Snälltåget and arrived with a delay of 60 minutes or more, you can apply for compensation in accordance with EC No. 1371/2007. (The form is currently only available in Swedish)

Snälltåget does not offer compensation for additional expenditures, such as taxi, loss of income etc.

I am not satisfied and would like to make a complaint.

If you arrived with a delay of 60 minutes or more, you can apply for compensation in accordance with EC No. 1371/2007.
Click here to access the form. (This form is currently only available in Swedish)

If you would like to make a complaint about something other than a delay, use the form.
Click here to access the form. (This form is currently only available in Swedish)

If you have a problem with an online purchase and cannot solve the problem with the reseller, you can use the EU platform for online dispute resolution.

Contacting Snälltåget

How can I get in touch with you?

If you cannot find the answer to your question, you are welcome to contact us. Send us an email at We prioritize answering questions about urgent matters.

If you have an urgent matter, you can call us at +46 669 62 00 on weekdays between 09:00–12:00 and 14:00–16:00.