Snälltågets Ticket Rules, Terms and Conditions for Carriage by Rail and Privacy Policy


Snälltågets Ticket Rules



1.1 Services

Snälltåget offers the following services/price levels:

Day trains

  • Seat
  • Seat 1 Class
  • Private Compartment

Night trains

  • Seat
  • Seat 1 Class
  • Berth in Shared Compartment
  • Private Compartment
  • Private Compartment Comfort

The price levels and products offered on each departure are shown in the web booking.

Private Compartment and Private Compartment Comfort have six seats/berths.

1.1.1 Disembarking and awakening

Snälltåget does not offer a service for waking up or reminding passengers who travel by day train. For night train travel, we recommend that the passenger set an alarm. The passenger is responsible for disembarking at the destination.

1.2 Pricing and booking fee

In addition to the ticket price, a booking fee may apply. The price of the booking fee varies depending on where the passenger purchases their ticket.

1.3 Discounts

Snälltåget applies a minimum price level, which can cause the discounts below to be invalidated.

If you have purchased a discounted ticket but cannot prove your eligibility, you may be considered to be without a valid ticket.

The discounts below cannot be combined and usually not with other discounts and offers.

1.3.1 Family offer

An adult with a ticket at the price level Seat can bring up to two children under 16 years at a reduced price per paying adult.

All children must have a valid ticket, even infants. In Private and Comfort compartments, children under seven years can share a berth with other children or an adult.

1.3.2 Seniors 60+

Senior discounts are given in the price level Seat to people from the age of 60 and onwards, as well as to people with sickness and early retirement pensions with a certificate from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency and must, when necessary, prove this with valid identification.

1.3.3 Students

Students who have a valid student card along with valid identification receive a discount on the price level Seat.

The following student cards provide discounts:

  • Mecenatkortet
  • Studentkortet/STUK.CO
  • ISIC-kortet

1.3.4 Youth

Passengers under the age of 26 receive a discount on the price level Seat. Age must be proven with valid identification.

1.3.5 Seat Together

An adult passenger can bring along a second adult, youth, student, or senior at a 50% discount on the adult price. This can be combined with the Family Offer according to 1.3.1. Tickets are only sold through Snälltåget's sales channels and can only be booked as re-bookable tickets. When canceling, it is not possible to cancel individual passengers.


2.1 Snälltåget tickets

Tickets refer to all types of tickets and travel documents available at Snälltåget. A ticket should have the format, content, and overall appearance, as specifically determined by Snälltåget for the ticket in question. All Snälltåget tickets are personal and cannot be transferred.

For cross-border travel outside the Nordic countries, it is mandatory to provide the passenger's first name, surname, date of birth, and the country of passport issuance in the booking.

Bookings that are incomplete regarding name, date of birth, and contact details may be canceled and refunded by Snälltåget.

Personal tickets mean that valid identification is required for travel with Snälltåget. Identification should be available for ticket inspection when requested.

The following identification documents are valid:

  • Passport with MRZ code,
  • National ID card of EU standard, containing MRZ code or chip, issued by a national authority within the EU/EEA.
  • For Nordic citizens, a driving license issued in a Nordic country is valid for travel between the Nordic countries.

For travel within Sweden, the following also applies:

  • Nordic ID cards and
  • LMA cards issued by the Swedish Migration Board

For travel within Sweden, children under 16 can travel with a guardian without identification, but in doubtful cases, they should be able to present valid identification.

Snälltåget distributes tickets in the following ways:

  • Paper ticket
  • Snälltåget E-ticket (booking confirmation)
  • E-ticket (PDF)
  • International card

Snälltåget E-ticket is also offered as a Wallet ticket. Resellers of Snälltåget tickets may also distribute the ticket in an app.

2.1.1 Paper ticket

Passengers with a paper ticket are obligated to keep their paper ticket throughout the train journey and show it upon request.

2.1.2 Snälltåget E-ticket

Passengers with a Snälltåget E-ticket receive a confirmation with booking details sent to their email directly after booking. The passenger is obligated to bring the confirmation in digital form or as a printout and show it to the train staff.

2.1.3 E-ticket (PDF)

Passengers with an E-ticket (PDF) receive a ticket in a PDF file sent to their email after booking. The passenger is obligated to bring the PDF file in digital form or as a printout and show it to the train staff.

2.2 International cards issued by Eurail B.V.

In Sweden, Interrail and Eurail cards are valid for travel with Snälltåget if the travel diary is correctly filled out.

Interrail and Eurail cards are issued to a specified person. The passenger is obligated to carry, show, and possess the Interrail card throughout the train journey and present valid identification to the train staff.

All trains require the passenger to pay an additional fee which includes a reserved Seat, Berth, or Private compartment.

Interrail and Eurail cards do not apply to travel on Snälltåget's departures to and from Austria.

2.3 Travel tickets issued by another tour operator

Ticket rules according to point 2.1 apply unless otherwise agreed between Snälltåget and the tour operator and as stated on the passenger's travel document.

2.4 Seat reservations

Snälltåget only has departures with mandatory seat reservation. Connecting bus services have no seat reservations. Seat reservations are included in the ticket price when available.

2.5 Purchase of tickets on board

Subject to availability, it is possible to purchase a ticket on board the train. The passenger must always contact the train staff before boarding. Tickets bought on the train are paper tickets and passengers are obligated to possess their ticket throughout the train journey. There is no guaranteed seating when buying a ticket on board.

Payments made on board can be made using:

  • Mastercard and VISA
  • Swish
  • Exact change in SEK, EUR, and DKK.


3.1 Rebooking tickets and refunds

Services sold by Snälltåget through Snälltåget are rebookable. Snälltåget services sold through resellers are not rebookable.

For an additional fee at the time of ticket purchase, some tickets can be refunded.

The following time restrictions apply for both changes and refunds:

  • Seat, Seat 1 class, and Berth in Shared Compartment must be canceled or rebooked no later than 24 hours before departure.
  • Private Compartment and Private Compartment Comfort must be canceled no later than seven days before departure.

Booking fees are non-refundable and not included in the value of the change. Tickets purchased on board cannot be changed or refunded.

When a rebookable ticket is canceled, the passenger receives a voucher which consists of the ticket price excluding the booking fee, which is valid for the purchase of travel within 180 days.

The voucher can be used to purchase a rebookable journey with Snälltåget. When purchasing a journey where the price is lower than the voucher’s value, the passenger receives a voucher for the difference.

Changes and refunds are made through the reseller who sold the ticket.

It is not possible to change the name or birth date retrospectively. A change requires the ticket to be rebooked or refunded. Tickets that are non-rebookable or non-refundable cannot be rebooked.

3.2 Tickets with special conditions

When Snälltåget is part of a package tour, the tour operator’s conditions for cancellation and refunds apply.

When purchasing tickets through certain resellers abroad, for example, DB, DSB, CD, SBB, and ÖBB, the conditions state whether these tickets are rebookable or refundable or not (paper ticket or PDF).


Snälltåget's vouchers are valid for the purchase of changeable tickets to Snälltåget's departures for 180 days on Snälltå


5.1 Definition of group travel

Bookings exceeding 24 people are considered group travel. Special rules apply for group travel for payment, changes, and refunds.

Bookings exceeding four Private Compartment or Private Compartment Comfort are considered group travel.

Group tickets within Sweden are not personal tickets.

Group tickets are sold by Snälltåget. Resellers may take over group travel after an agreement with Snälltåget.

For group travel over 100 people, special rules may apply.

5.2 Payment

Upon booking, a deposit of 10% of the group travel should be paid within ten days.

The remaining amount should be paid within 60 days; however, the full amount should be received by Snälltåget 30 days before departure.

If the payment is not made within 60 days, the group tickets is canceled and Snälltåget retains the deposit.

5.3 Cancellation rules

Cancellation must be made no later than 30 days before departure.

5.4 Changes in number of passengers

It is possible to decrease the size of the group up to 30 days before departure.

5.5 Charges for changes and cancellations

A cancellation fee for the whole or part of the trip amounts to 25% of the value of the canceled services at all times.


When a passenger purchases a journey from Snälltåget, the passenger provides information about themselves. If the passenger purchases a journey for someone else, they provide personal data about that person.

Snälltåget processes the passenger's personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, also known as GDPR. Under the GDPR, effective from 25 May 2018, passengers have the right to know how their personal data is collected, used, and stored. Passengers also have the "right to be forgotten", i.e., that Snälltåget deletes the passenger's personal data from Snälltåget's register.

Personal data refers to the name, address, telephone number, email address, social security number, foreign traffic also the country of issue of the passport, and other information that can in any way be linked to an individual.

Further information is available in Snälltåget's Privacy Policy, which can be found on Snälltå


Snälltåget's general terms and conditions apply to train journeys with Snälltåget.

General terms and conditions are available on Snälltå (see below) or Customer Service +46 40 669 62 00.



General Terms and Conditions for Carriage by Rail



Passengers’ and Snälltåget's rights and obligations are governed by the Swedish Rail Carriage Act (2018:181) and by the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) No. 1371/2007 on rail passengers´ rights and obligations, and all applicable statutes.

In addition to the above applicable statutes these General Terms and Conditions apply to every contract concluded between a passenger and Snälltåget for the carriage of passengers on a Snälltåget train, unless otherwise agreed.

For international travel with a through ticket the conditions of the Convention concerning International Carriage by Rail (COTIF) and Uniform Rules concerning the Contract for International Carriage of Passengers and Luggage by rail (CIV) also apply. CIV printed on the ticket or luggage receipt means that these rules are applicable.

For a domestic travel in Sweden with a combination ticket of other rail, bus and ferry ticket producers (Resplus ticket), each producers’ terms and conditions are valid for their leg of the journey. In addition, an Arrival Guarantee is offered.

These General Terms and Conditions also apply where Snälltåget uses a means of transport other than a train in order to provide the agreed carriage of passengers.  This also includes the regular connecting bus services of Snälltåget.

The contract terms do not apply in cases where Snälltåget only acts as a reseller of the journey and Snälltåget is not a carrier for the journey.

General Terms and Conditions may change after a passenger has completed their ticket purchase. In such cases, contract terms will not be deteriorated for the passenger,

The General Terms and Conditions are available on and at Customer Service.



"Departure": Place where the journey with Snälltåget begins under the contract of carriage.

"Destination": Place where the journey with Snälltåget ends under the contract of carriage.

"Resplus": national cooperation between several bus, railway and ferry companies (including Snälltåget), county transport companies and other actors in the public transport sector in Sweden.

"Snälltåget“: Merresor AB, Snälltåget i Sverige, 556401-0055

"Ticket price": The price of the journey with Snälltåget. The ticket price does not include the booking fee and any possible supplement for ticket changes or cancellations after purchase.



3.1 Obligations to provide transport

Snälltåget is obliged in exchange for a fixed ticket price to provide carriage for passengers by rail according to Snälltåget published timetables and announced changes to these timetables. This transport obligation shall apply to the extent that the passenger possesses a valid ticket and that there is room on the train, subject to the limitations set out in the timetables and to the limitations indicated in these Terms and Conditions. 

3.2 Obligation to possess a valid ticket

3.2.1 Ticket Rules

Information on Snälltåget tickets and on the obligation to carry and show tickets and valid identity documents is given in Snälltågets current ticket rules (see above)

3.2.2 Possession of a ticket

At the first ticket control passengers must, without request, provide train staff the information they need to verify that the passenger holds a valid ticket. Passengers must also respond to train staff requests on subsequent ticket controls. 

A passenger who does not hold a ticket when the journey begins, must immediately contact on-board train staff, stating that he/she has no ticket. 

A passenger who cannot demonstrate that he/she holds a valid ticket and/or a valid identity document, must buy a ticket for the price that applies to ticket purchase on board trains. 

The ticket must be retained by the passenger throughout the entire journey. As long as the passenger is on the train he/she must be able to produce a valid ticket for the entire distance travelled. 

3.2.3 Valid ticket

A ticket that has been issued to a specifically named passenger is personal and is valid only for that passenger, on presentation of a valid identification document. If the passenger is unable to produce such an identification document, the passenger is not considered to have valid ticket.

A ticket that has been altered without authorization is invalid and shall be confiscated by the train staff.

3.2.4 Inspection fees

A passenger without a valid ticket and who at the first ticket control does not indicate that he/she has no ticket, or otherwise attempts to evade paying the appropriate fare for the train journey, is liable to pay an inspection fee of 1.000 SEK and the fare for the train journey.

3.3 Exceptions to the transport obligations

A passenger loses his/her right to transport and should leave the train at the earliest possibility or be denied access to the train if the train staff considers that:

  1. the passenger poses a threat or may pose a threat to rail safety
  2. the passenger appears to be intoxicated and is disturbing public order or for any other reason is disturbing other passengers in an unacceptable manner
  3. the passenger fails to comply with train staff's instructions
  4. the passenger has no valid identity document
  5. the passenger has brought along hand luggage or animals that may not be carried on board in accordance with sections 4 and 6.

A passenger who has been refused carriage pursuant to section 3.3, points 1-4 above, has no right to compensation for a paid ticket. A passenger who has been refused carriage pursuant to section 3.3 point 5 above, is entitled to a refund of the fare paid, or if the journey has begun, to a refund of the difference between the fare paid and the fare for the distance that the passenger has already travelled. 

Snälltåget has the right to immediately disembark a passenger at the next station, if the person does not have a valid ticket in accordance with section 3.2. 

In cases where the passenger has repeatedly disrupted the order, Snälltåget has the right to cancel and refund the booked ticket.

3.4 Liability for obligation to provide carriage

Snälltåget's liability for damages when Snälltåget has failed to fulfill its obligation to provide carriage is indicated in the Rail Carriage Act.



Passengers are personally responsible for their own luggage. Passengers are required to supervise their luggage, regardless of whether this can be monitered from the seat or not. 

Snälltåget is not responsible for lost or damaged luggage. 

4.1 Hand luggage

The passenger has the right to bring one item, maximum dimensions 55x40x23 cm and one item, maximum dimensions 80x50x35 cm and a small personal item, for example a purse.

Hand luggage must not contain:

  1. hazardous goods, such as explosives and inflammable objects and liquids, toxic, infectious or corrosive substances. 
  2. firearms, unless the bolt or other vital components is removed and stored seperately from the weapon, which must be stored in a case, or
  3. objects that may cause discomfort or inconvenience (e.g. strong odours) to other passengers.

4.2 Collapsible baby-carriages (strollers)

Due to limited space on board, children's strollers must be carried on and off the trains and kept in a folded position during the entirety of the journey. 

4.3 Bicycles

Due to limited space on board, bicycles cannot be transported by Snälltåget.

4.4 Skis

Skis in special carriers or packaging can be transported as hand luggage and are subject to available space. 

4.5 Wheelchairs

A Passenger in a wheelchair should contact Customer Services +46 40 669 62 00 before booking a ticket to ensure that the wheelchair (considering its height, width and weight) can be carried on the train.

4.6 Lost and found

Snälltåget looks after lost property. If no enquiry is made about an article within three months of it being found, it will be donated or discarded. Perishable goods are disposed of at the discretion of Snälltåget staff. Enquiries about lost property should be made to Customer Services +46 40 669 62 00.

An administrative fee is charged for retrieval of lost property.



On some trains/routes there is a luggage coach. Carriage of goods in the luggage coach in return for payment is only available to passengers who have entered into a contract for carriage over the corresponding distance.

Registration (check in) of goods is in return for a receipt. Goods must be marked with name and phone number on registration. Snälltåget will return goods on presentation of a receipt. If a person reclaiming goods cannot produce a receipt Snälltåget may still return the goods if the person can show that he/she is entitled to the goods.

There is a charge for luggage carried in the luggage coach.

Snälltåget’s responsibility for goods carried in the luggage coach is governed by the Swedish Rail Carriage Act.



One (1) pet, such as dogs and cats, can be carried free of charge in specially designated spaces in the train. Animals are not carried in any other part of the train, outside these specially designated spaces. Therefore, when travelling with animals, passengers must pre-book a ticket on which it is indicated that the reserved seats are in an "Animals allowed" section.

Animals should be placed on the floor. Small pets in cages may be placed on seats that have been reserved for them.

Guide dogs for personal assistance to visually impaired passengers can travel for free anywhere on the train.



7.1 Information on accessibility

Snälltåget website gives information, amongst others, about:

  1. the conditions for boarding and alighting from trains;
  2. the accessibility of trains, and
  3. the aid facilities available in the train

This information is also provided by Customer Services on +46 40 669 62 00.

Passengers with a functional disability are advised, before buying a ticket, to contact Customer Services on +46 40 669 62 00 for information about the conditions for travel from/to the relevant stations and with the available trains. 

7.2 Assistance and support

Snälltåget also provides, free of charge

  • assistance in boarding and alighting trains
  • assistance to persons with disabilities so that they shall be offered the same services as other passengers on the train. 

Assistance and support as described above must be pre-ordered at least 24 hours before departure. If the passenger with a disability does not pre-book assistance or support Snälltåget cannot guarantee that a disabled person can get on and off the train and utilize Snälltåget services on board.

7.3 Food allergy

The train's restaurant coach normally has a wide range of alternatives for different types of food allergies. 



8.1 Smoking

Smoking is prohibited on all trains. This also includes e-cigarettes. 

8.2 Alcoholic beverages

It is not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages that passengers themselves have brought on board. This does not apply if passengers are in the same group and have booked a Private Compartment. 

Alcohol sold in the restaurant coach can only be consumed in the restaurant coach. This does not apply to trains in international traffic.

8.3 Noise level

Conversational tone, sound from equipment such as radio, CD/DVD players, cell phones, etc. should be kept at a level so as not to disturb other passengers. Between 22.00 and 07.00 passengers must be quiet enough to allow other passengers to sleep.

8.4 Safety precautions

Passengers must not get on or off a train which is in motion. Passengers must not open carriage doors when a train is in motion. Boarding and alighting is only allowed when the train is standing at the platform.

It is forbidden to enter the train track area except in places where it is clearly indicated that the public has access, such as by signage.

Level crossings must not be entered when the safety barrier is lowered, or is being lowered or raised, when the warning bell rings, when the stop signal is showing or if a train is approaching.



9.1 Delay of more than 60 minutes at destination

If it is reasonably probable that the arrival at the final destination designated in the transport contract will be delayed by more than 60 minutes, the passenger must immediately be offered a choice of the following:

  1. To continue their journey to their final destination
  2. Re-imbursement of the full ticket price, under the conditions that is was paid for, for the part or parts of the journey not made and for the part or parts already made if the trip has become meaningless in the view of the passenger's original travel plans. 
  3. Re-booking to their final destination at a later date at the passenger's convenience and under comparable transport conditions as with Snälltåget. 

9.2 Obligation to provide assistance in case of delay of more than 60 minutes

In case of delay of more than 60 minutes to the passenger's destination Snälltåget will offer, free of charge:

  1. Refreshments and snacks, to the extent they are available on the train, in reasonable proportion to waiting time. 
  2. Hotel or other accommodation, and if necessary, transport between the railway station and place of accommodation, when an interruption of one or more nights, or an additional stay becomes necessary, where and when physically possible.
  3. Transport from train to train station, to an alternative departure point or to the final destination if the train is stuck on the tracks, where and when physically possible.

If the journey must be cancelled, Snälltåget must as soon as possible arrange for alternative transport for passengers.

If the train has been delayed and the delay led to a missed connection, Snälltåget staff, on passenger's request, shall provide written confirmation that the train was delayed.

9.3 The right to reimbursement of the ticket price for a passenger who is delayed

A passenger who is more than 60 minutes late to their destination under the transport contract is entitled to compensation as described below. However, this does not apply to those who have been compensated in accordance with section 9.1 above.

9.3.1 Delay of 60-119 minutes

25% of the ticket price in cash

9.3.2 Delay of 120 minutes or more

50% of the ticket price in cash

9.4 Limitations of Snälltågets liability

9.4.1 Circumstances involving extinction of liability

A passenger is not entitled to assistance or compensation if he is informed of a delay prior to ticket purchase.

Snälltåget is also free from liability if the delay, missed connecting trains, buses or ferries or cancellations due to the fault or neglect of the passenger.

 9.4.2 The passenger has refused the proposed alternatives

Snälltåget pays no compensation for a passenger's expenses if the passenger has refused Snälltåget offers of other transport connections, hotel rooms or other accommodation, meals or refreshments.

If Snälltåget has not made an offer of meals and accommodation passengers are compensated for reasonable additional expenses for meals and accommodation, and if necessary, for transfer to a place of accommodation. If Snälltåget offered free meals, accommodation and transport according to paragraph 9.2 it does not grant compensation for these costs. A passenger is never entitled to compensation from Snälltåget for travel by another means of transport that the passenger has personally arranged in replacement of a delayed or cancelled train journey.

9.4.3 Connections outside the transport contract

Snälltåget's liability extends only up to the journey’s destination as indicated in the passenger transport contract with Snälltåget.

Connecting journeys from destinations with tickets purchased separately, such as boat, aeroplane or bus tickets are not compensated for.

9.4.4 Payment threshold

No compensation will be paid if the amount due is less than 4 EUR per person.

9.4.5 Exhaustive Regulation

Unless stated otherwise in the Rail Carriage Act or other binding regulations, a passenger is not entitled to demand further compensation from Snälltåget – for example for loss of earnings or other financial loss - for delays, missed connections or cancellations other than that which is stated in this section 9.

9.5 Requests for compensation

Passengers must as soon as possible, but no later than two (2) months after the event, apply for compensation through the web-form on or by letter to Customer Services at the following address: Snälltåget, Norra Vallgatan 34, S-211 25 MALMÖ, Sweden

The following information is required for a claim:

  • Booking Number
  • First and last name
  • Address
  • Bank, clearing and account number if a cash payment is desired (SWIFT/BIC and IBAN for foreign banks)
  • Train, date, journey (boarding and alighting stations)

9.6 Payment of compensation

Compensation shall be paid within a month after a claim.



10.1 Liability for personal injury and damage to property

Snälltåget’s liability when a passenger is injured or killed (personal injury) and its liability for damages to passenger's hand luggage and other personal belongings (damage to property) are governed by the Rail Carriage Act. According to the law Snälltåget is strictly responsible for personal injury to a passenger suffered as a result of railway operations while he is on or entering or exiting a railway vehicle. The same is valid for damage to passenger’s property which arises together with personal injury.

Where damage to property occurs without personal injury, Snälltåget is liable for damages only if Snälltåget caused the damages (through fault or neglect).

10.2 Limitations of liability for damage

The liability for damage to property is limited to one-half the "base amount", unless Snälltåget caused the damage intentionally or through gross negligence. 

Snälltåget is not liable for the damage that a passenger may suffer through his own neglect of the train departure time, or through him taking a place in the wrong train or carriage, or because he did not get off the train at his destination or transfer station. 

If the passenger can demonstrate that his actions resulted from incorrect information provided by Snälltåget staff, inaccuracies in Snälltåget timetables, tickets or signage, then he is entitled to the same compensation.

10.3 Notification of damage

Personal and/or property damage, or any other circumstance for which a passenger wishes to claim compensation from Snälltåget, should if possible already be reported to train staff on board the train. 

10.4 Submission of claims

Passengers should submit claims for compensation within three (3) months after the event which gives a right to compensation.

Snälltåget shall answer a passenger's claim within one month.



11.1 Presentation of claims

Passengers should first contact the train staff to settle any claims for compensation on board the train. 

If the train staff is unable to handle the claim the passenger can make a complaint by letter to Customer Services or via a web-form on

Agreement on compensation between the passenger and the train staff or other authorized personnel of Snälltåget shall be recorded on the ticket or otherwise in writing. If a record has not been made, then the party wishing to assert the existence of a settlement must prove its existence and contents. 

11.2 Handling of claims

Snälltåget handles complaints where Snälltåget General Terms and Conditions apply. Other complaints, where Snälltåget acted as a vendor will be forwarded to the appropriate transport carriers. 

11.3 Disputes

If the parties cannot agree, private travellers have the right to have the dispute tried by the National General Complaints Board (ARN).

If you're a citizen in an EU country or in Norway, Liechtenstein or Iceland and have purchased your trip on Snälltå, you can use the European Commission's online dispute resolution website (ODR).

Other disputes arising from Snälltåget Ticket Rules or General Terms and Conditions for Carriage by Rail shall be decided by the general court. 


Snälltåget's Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes how we process your personal data in connection with your contact with Snälltåget.
Responsible for the personal data is Snälltåget in Sweden, a subsidiary of Merresor AB, Cityterminalen, Klarabergsviadukten 72, 111 64 Stockholm.
We process your personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Ordinance, also known as the GDPR. According to the Data Protection Ordinance, valid from May 25th 2018, you have the right to know how your personal data is collected, used and stored. You also have the right to be "forgotten", i.e. we delete your personal data from our registers.
Personal information refers to name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, social security number and other information that can in some way be linked to an individual.

1. Collecting information

We collect information from you when you make a purchase on our website or fill in a web form when you contact our customer service, participate in a competition or register as a subscriber to our newsletter. The information we collect may include your first and last name, your e-mail address, your telephone number and in cases where you have a case with customer service, information about the specific case is saved.
We also automatically receive and store information from your computer and browser, including your IP address, software and hardware information and the pages you visit on our website. This content does not contain any personally identifiable information.

2. Use of information

The information we collect from you are used as follow:

  • Make your visit more personal and improve the user experience on our website and in our app.
  • Distribute your ticket via e-mail.
  • Enable payment via Swish.
  • Feedback to you regarding your case at customer service.
  • Contact you by mail or telephone.
  • Administer a contest, offer or survey.
  • Show ads for you on the internet or for people with a similar profile.

3. Storing information

  • After completing the purchase on our website, telephone number, e-mail, first and last name and, if applicable, date of birth are saved for about 100 days after the last travel date in the booking. Then your information is depersonalized from the order. If your booking is opened after the last travel date in the booking begins, the prescription will be broken. This may happen if, for example, you have complained about your trip or applied for compensation for delay.
  • After completing a case with customer service your e-mail, first and last name and telephone number are saved for 12 months.
  • After completing a case with customer service any bank details disappears after a payment is made.
  • After activating the subscription to our newsletter, your first and last name, e-mail, demographic information and selected interest in destinations are saved in the recipient list until you end your subscription (via the link at the bottom of the mail). However, your information remains on our partner Apsis' servers.

4. Disclosure to third parties

Snälltåget are the only ones owning the information we collect on the website. We do not sell, trade or otherwise transfer personally identifiable information to third parties. This does not include trusted third parties who help us operate our site, or carry out all or parts of the journey, with the requirement that those parties agree to keep the information confidential.
We believe it is necessary to share information for the purpose of investigating, preventing or taking action against illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations that pose a potential risk to a person's phsyical security, breaches of our Terms of Use, or other occasions required by law.
General information (not personal information) may, however, be shared with third parties for marketing, advertising purposes or other purposes.

5. Information protection

We protect your personal information through a number of different security measures. We use encryption methods to protect sensitive data transmitted over the internet. Only employees who are to perform a specific job (eg. invoicing or customer service) have access to personally identifiable information. The computers/servers used to store personally indentifiable information are located in a secure environment.

6. Use of cookies

We used cookies for 2 different purposes:

1. Cookies improve the user experience on our website by, among other things, identifying returning visitors and displaying relevant information. Our use of these cookies is not linked to personally identifiable information. You can choose to block the use of these cookies in your browser, but then you risk having a worse user experience.

2. We use cookies for advertising purposes and in collaboration with third parties, to be able to identify and target relevant ads to people who according to various algorithms are inclined to make a purchase. You can block cookies from third parties in your browser.

7. Unsubscribe

We use your e-mail address mainly to send out your confirmation or e-ticket (PDF). In connection with your ticket purchase, you have the opportunity to subscribe to our newsletter. If you wish to unsubscribe from this newsletter, there is a link at the bottom of the mail.

8. The right to information and the right to be forgotten

You have the right to request your personal information, and the information we have stored about you, at any time. The information may, for example, have been saved in connection with a purchase of a ticket, contact with customer service or when subscribing to our newsletter. You also have the right to be forgotten, i.e. that we delete all your personal data from our registers. Do you want to request a register extract? Please send your request via post and mark the envelope "Register extract" or "Request to be forgotten", together with a copy of your ID card along with your signature, to the address stated below. Also attach name, mobile phone and e-mail address, so that we can find you in our register. Also let us know how you want us to send the information, e.g. via e-mail, letter or phone.

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