Snälltåget Stockholm–Malmö–Copenhagen

– featuring the cosiest restaurant on rails

Take the train from Stockholm to Malmö or Copenhagen! Enjoy a delicious meal in our cosy dining car "Krogen". Snälltåget offers daily departures between Stockholm and Malmö. If you need to reschedule your trip, tickets are always rebookable up to 24 hours before departure.


25% discount when traveling together

Adults, seniors 60+, youth, and students traveling together in the Seat price level receive a 25% discount on the ticket.

Up to four children under 16 years old will get up to an 80% discount on the adult price if the booking includes at least one adult, senior 60+, youth, and/or student.

The ticket can be canceled or rebooked up to 24 hours before departure. If you need to add, replace, or remove a traveler, the journey must be rebooked. If the price is higher when you rebook, you will pay the difference, and if the price is lower, you will receive a voucher for the difference.

PS. Don't forget to book a table in the restaurant when booking your trip! Our restaurant on rails, Krogen, is available on the route Stockholm–Malmö and vice versa.

Youth Discount

Young people aged 16–25 get a 20% discount on seat reservations. If two or more young people travel together, the discount for traveling together applies instead. This also applies if a young person travels with an adult, senior (60+), and/or student.

Student Discount

Do you have Studentkortet, Mecenatkortet or an ISIC card? Then you get a 25% student discount on seat reservations.

Senior Discount 60+

Seniors aged 60+ traveling alone receive approximately 20% discount on seat reservations.

If two or more seniors travel together, the discount for traveling together applies, giving a 25% discount. This also applies if a senior travels with an adult, youth, and/or student.


Departures and timetables

Snälltåget has daily departures between Copenhagen, Malmö and Stockholm. Our trains usually also stop at Södertälje, Norrköping, Linköping, Nässjö, Alvesta, Hässleholm, Eslöv, and Lund. Check our online booking for current schedules.


Snälltåget to Malmö/Stockholm – an affordable journey

Snälltåget is an affordable way to travel. Book your trip at least 2–3 weeks in advance and choose travel days other than Friday or Sunday! The cheapest tickets start at 149 SEK for a one-way trip Malmö–Stockholm and 299 SEK for a one-way trip Copenhagen–Stockholm, but you'll only find them on departures with lower demand.


Seat reservation

A seat reservation is always included when you travel with Snälltåget.

Can I rebook my trip or get a refund?

Snälltågets tickets can be rebooked. For an additional fee, the ticket may also be refundable.

If you buy a ticket the same day you are traveling (Private compartment six days before departure), the ticket is not rebookable or refundable.

The following rules apply to both changeable and refundable tickets:

  • Seat and 1st class tickets must be canceled or rebooked no later than 24 hours before departure.
  • Private compartment and Private compartment Comfort must be canceled no later than seven days before departure.

Booking fees (9-79 SEK per ticket) are not refundable and are not included in the rebooking value. If you cancel or rebook later, you will lose the entire ticket price. It is also a good idea to check the conditions of your home or travel insurance and the travel insurance that applies when you pay with Visa or MasterCard.


Book a table in "Krogen"

Book a table in our cosy restaurant and enjoy a delicious meal. Table reservations are available from 11:00, when we also start serving beer and wine. On the journey between Stockholm and Malmö, you have plenty of time to enjoy a nice meal, and perhaps a glass of wine? Book a table in advance to secure your spot!

Read more about our offers in Krogen.


Fika on Snälltåget 

Just looking for a typical Swedish "fika"? Buy from our self-service checkout and take it to your seat! You'll find coffee, tea, water, soda, sandwiches, salads, pastries, and candy. In the self-service checkout, you can pay with Visa or MasterCard. This service is available on the route Stockholm–Malmö and vice versa.


Private compartment on the train between Malmö and Stockholm

Are you looking for some peace or quiet during your train journey? Or perhaps you would like to have a meeting? Book a private compartment on Snälltåget! You will have a compartment to yourself or for you and your company. The compartment can accommodate up to six people. A private compartment is available for booking on some, but not all, departures between Stockholm and Malmö.


Travelling with Interrail

Interrail Global Passes are valid, but you must purchase a reservation. Here you can find out more about travelling with Interrail.


Connecting bus service

Snälltåget offers its own connecting bus service Alvesta-Växjö-Tingsryd-Karlshamn-Ronneby-Karlskrona, which we call "Snälltåget on the road". The buses are equipped with a toilet, Wi-Fi, and power outlets for your convenience.

Where do Snälltåget's connecting buses depart from?

Karlskrona – the bus departs from Kungsplan, bus stop G.

Ronneby – the bus departs from the travel center, bus stop E.

Karlshamn – the bus departs from the bus stop Karlshamn Centrum Väst, location A, which is located downtown (not the railway station) Google Maps

Tingsryd – the bus departs from bus stop E.

Växjö – the bus departs from the travel center, bus stop X.

Alvesta – the bus departs from bus stop D, at Sjögatan, follow the signs for replacement traffic, see map.

A climate-friendly journey

Going by train is the most environmentally friendly way to travel. Our trains run on renewable electricity, mainly from hydropower. Our connecting buses run on fossil-free fuel (RME or HVO). Snälltåget has modern locomotives that are energy-efficient and also regenerate energy when braking. When more people travel together in the same train, the climate impact is reduced.

In our restaurant, we serve food on porcelain and drinks in glasses to reduce single-use materials.

How environmentally friendly is the train compared to other modes of transportation?

A round-trip train journey for one person with Snälltåget Malmö–Stockholm generates 505 grams of CO2 if we include production and losses in the power grid in addition to consumption. If we only count electricity consumption, it is 2 grams of CO2.

The equivalent for a flight is about 156,000 grams (Source: If we only count the consumption of aviation fuel, it is about 93,000 grams (Source: SAS emission calculator A320NEO).

The equivalent for a car journey in a Volvo V60 petrol is 55,170 grams per person, calculated with 4 people in the car (Source: Volvo).

The equivalent for a bus journey with HVO is 3,269 grams. If the bus runs on diesel, it is 29,424 grams (Source: Energimyndigheten and Klimatsmart semester).