Traffic information

Here you will find real-time traffic information, planned services changes and information about travelling during the pandemic.


Real-time traffic information

Below you will find real-time traffic information for Snälltåget domestic rail services. For Berlin, Hamburg and Høje Taastrup, please see the Departure boards at the stations. 

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Planned service changes

Here you will find information about future traffic changes. For ongoing traffic disruptions of more than 30 minutes, we will send you and SMS-updated to the mobile phone number that we have in your booking.


Track works Nässjö - Linköping May 30 - June 7.

The south main railway line is closed between Nässjö and Linköping during the Ascension weekend.  The stop starts at 6 pm on Thursday 26 May and lasts until Monday 30 May at 12 noon. Several departures go directly without stopping Alvesta - Södertälje over another railway.

From Monday 30 May at 12.00 until and including Tuesday 7 June, the work of changing tracks between Nässjö and Linköping will continue, which will affect the punctuality of all trains by between 20 and 45 minutes and for trains 3934 and 3935 this means that the train arrives more than 1 hour sent, as the time to turn the trains in Stockholm and Malmö is also affected.


Track works in Denmark 30 April, 4-6 June and 16 July

Due to extensive track work in Denmark, it is not possible to run the night train to and from Berlin these days.

Track works in Denmark 1 May - 24 June

Due to the limited track kapacity the stop at Høje Taastrup are replaced with Køge Nord and Ringsted.

Track works in Berlin April 7 - July 8

Due to work on the Berlin Stadtbahn, train 301 and train 309 will stop at Berlin Freidrichstrasse instead of Berlin Hbf. New arrival time is 09.06. Departing train 300, 302 and 334 departs from Berlin Hbf. The might be different stations due to the other track works below in May.

Track works in Germany May 14 ,21-22, 26-28

Due to track works north of Hamburg with a closed line during the night, the following departues has new departure and arrival times in Germay. The timetables in Sweden and Denmark are not changed.

Train 302 from Hamburg on May 14 will depart from Hamburg Hbf 23.42 instead of 23.48.

Train 302 on May 21 will depart from Berlin GESUNDBRUNNEN (changed station) at 17.56 and Hamburg Hbf 21.14.

Train 300 on May 22 will depart from Berlin GESUNDBRUNNEN (changed station) at 20.33 and Hamburg Hbf 23.26.

Train 300 on May 26 will depart from Berlin Hbf at 20.05 and Hamburg Hbf at 23.17.

Train 300 on May 27 will depart from Berlin Hbf at 20.05 and Hamburg Hbf at 23.16

Train 302 on May 28 will depart from Berlin Hbf at 17.06 and Hamburg Hbf 21.12

Train 301 departing from Sweden and Denmark on May 22 will arrive at Hamburg Hbf at 09.03 and Berlin Hbf (new station) at 12.10.

Train 301 departing from Sweden and Denmark on May 26 will arrive at Hamburg Hbf at 06.56 and Berlin Hbf (new station) at 10.04

Train 301 departing from Sweden and Denmark on May 27 will arrive at Hamburg hbf at 07.45 and Berlin hbf (new station) at 10.55.



Snälltåget do not offer free travel with an Ukraine Passport. 

We recommend services provided by the states, like DB, DSB and SJ.

It's possible to travel with Snälltåget with a reduced price (5-20 EUR per person) in seating coach if you have an Ukraine Passport. This discount is only valid if you're travelling in the direction to Sweden and Denmark and departing your journey with Snälltåget in Berlin, Hamburg, Malmö and Karlskrona. It's mandatory to prebook and you need a reservation, it's not possible go with the train on this discount. The discount is not valid in the other direction or from an other orgin.


Information about the coronavirus

Latest update 03.05 2022


Travel to Denmark, Norway and Sweden from EU/EES

There are no restrictions.


Travel to Germany from Sweden and Denmark

You have to fulfil one of the following requirements:

  • EU Covid Certificate stating that you are fully vaccinated with 3 doses or vaccinated with 2 doses and no more than 270 days has passed since the laste does or you have a valid negativ test (see next point) or have a positive test for Covid-19 during the last 90 days and that is has passed 28 days since the test.
  • Documentation of a negative test before entry that is not older than 48 hours when the journey starts to Germany.
  • Documentation that you have had Covid-19 in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish that is not more than 90 days old and it has past 28 days since the positive test.

Children under the age of 12 are excepted from the requirements.

The rules from Germany are valid until May 31st.


Face masks in the night train to and from Berlin

In Denmark and Sweden - no requirements or recomendations.

In Germany, requirements for medical mouth protection applies throughout the whole journey. If you buy a private compartment, you don't need to use face mask when you are inside your compartment and close the door to the compartment. The rule of face mask don't apply for children under the age of 7 years.