Real-time traffic information

Below you will find real-time traffic information for Snälltåget domestic rail services. For Berlin, Hamburg and Høje Taastrup, please see the Departure boards at the stations. 

No trains to show right now.

Planned service changes

Here you will find information about future traffic changes. For ongoing traffic disruptions of more than 30 minutes, we will send you and SMS-updated to the mobile phone number that we have in your booking.


Track works in Denmark until October 2

De to limited track access Høje Taastrup, the trains will stop at Køge Nord and Ringsted instead of Høje Taastrup. 


Track works Malmö - Lund September 19 - 28

The line Malmö - Lund is closed and train 300/3940, 3943/301, 3920, 3921 will be rerouted between Malmö and Hässleholm without any stops in Lund and Eslöv.. Train 3941 will have Lund as destination. 3942 will have Lund as orgin.

Rail replacement bus service is organized by Skånetrafiken. Buses departs from bus stop P at Uställningsgatan in Malmö and at bus stop H in Lund. 



Track work in Denmark 12-13 October

Train 301 has a new departure time from Malmö 22.04 and Höje Taastrup 22.57



Information about the coronavirus

Latest update 17.09.2022


Travel to Denmark, Germany, Norway and Sweden from EU/EES

There are no restrictions.


Face masks in Germany

In Austria, Denmark and Sweden - no requirements or recomendations.

In Germany, requirements for medical mouth protection applies throughout the whole journey until September 30. he rule of face mask don't apply for children under the age of 6 years.

From October 1st 2022 until April 7th 2023, FFP2-masks are mandatory for all passengers over the age of 14. For Children 6-14 years a medical mask is suficcent. The rule of face mask don't apply for children under the age of 6 years.

If you buy a private compartment, you don't need to use face mask when you are inside your compartment and close the door to the compartment.