Storlien 15:00 → Malmö 07:00

Train 3921
Storlien 15:00
Track 2

Malmö 12:20 → Stockholm C 17:26

Train 3930
Next Nässjö 14:33   14:44
Track 5

Malmö 09:20 → Stockholm C 14:15

Train 3940
Arrived Stockholm C 14:10

Stockholm C 09:48 → Malmö 14:40

Train 3941
Malmö 14:40
Track 9

Track and deviations are preliminary and may change.

Planned traffic changes

Here you will find information about planned traffic changes. For ongoing traffic disruptions of more than 30 minutes, we will send you and SMS-updated to the mobile phone number that we have in your booking.

Always check our online booking for planned departure times and arrivals.

Cancelled departures

The night train Malmö–Berlin has been cancelled for the summer of 2020. Read more about our future plans for the night train.
If you have bought your tickets via Snälltå you won't have to do anything, we will refund your tickets. 

Track works in Stockholm June 22 – August 16

There are track works south of Stockholm Central during the summer, and as a result Snälltåget trains only go to Södertälje hamn station.

Between Södertälje hamn and Stockholm Cityterminalen you can either travel with Snälltåget's bus replacement service (ticket required) or with SL (Storstockholms Lokaltrafik) commuter trains between Södertälje hamn and Stockholm City. If you already have an SL ticket or plan on buying an SL card for your stay in Stockholm, we recommend you travel with SL commuter train.

You can find the gate number for the bus departures inside Cityterminalen. If you travel together, please sit together on the bus.

Train 3920 Malmö - Stockholm - Storlien and train 3921 Storlien - Stockholm - Malmö takes another route between Norrköping and Stockholm.

For more information regarding the track works, visit Trafikverket

Changed departure times for train 3921 July 30th - August 16th

Train 3921 has received a new time for departure from Åre 16.15, Undersåker 16.30 and Östersund 17.35. Affected travellers have been informed via e-mail and SMS on 24/07/2020.

Changed departure times for train 3943 August 17th-28th

Due to continued track works at Stockholm Central Station train 3943 will depart at 16.25 Monday-Friday and Sunday during the period August 17th-28th. Affected travellers have been informed via e-mail and SMS on 24/07/2020.

Track works between Malmö - Lund August 23rd-28th

On August 23rd-28th 2020, the southern main line between Malmö and Lund will be closed due to track works. The Swedish Transport Administration is working on a four-track extension and will carry out a relocation of the traffic from the old tracks, to new temporary tracks. This work require a total shutdown of the railway. 

Snälltågets departures with train 3930-3943 are thus cancelled between Malmö - Eslöv, and vice versa, during this period. August 28th only train 3930 and train 3940 are affected, other trains run according to schedule. 

For trips to and from Lund, we refer you to buying a ticket with Pågatåg or Öresundståg between Lund-Eslöv and vice versa.

For trips to and from Malmö, we run a connecting bus that departs from bus stop location L at Norra Vallgatan, next to Malmö Central Station, and bus stop location D in Eslöv. This connection bus does not go via Lund.

Train 3920 and 3921 Malmö - Stockholm - Storlien will go another route between Malmö and Hässleholm and will not do any stops in Lund during this period. 

Track works Ånge - Gävle August 27th-30th

Due to track works on this route Snälltågets departures will go via Sundsvall (without stops), which extends the travel time on train 3921. Train 3920 on August 29th is not affected by this.

On August 27th train 3921 has a new timetable on the route Storlien - Uppsala, times for departure/arrival for later stops are unchanged. New departure times are: Storlien 13.55, Enafors 14.05, Duved 14.35, Åre 14.45, Undersåker 14.55, Östersund 16.00. Connection bus from Storulvån departs at 13.20, Vålådalen 14.00 and Edsåsdalen 14.25.

On August 30th train 3921 has a new timetable on the route Storlien - Uppsala, times for departure/arrival for later stops are unchanged. New departure times are: Storlien 12.50, Enafors 13.05, Duved 13.35, Åre 14.00, Undersåker 14.15, Östersund 15.20. Connecting bus from Storulvån departs at 12.20, Vålådalen 13.20 and Edsåsdalen 13.40.

Travellers who bought tickets before July 21st has been informed of these changes. No new tickets will be sent out. 

Information about the coronavirus

Last updated 03/08/2020

Below you will find our latest information on how the corona virus affects your journey with Snälltåget.

Cancelling, rebooking or refunds?

Snälltåget has new conditions for rebooking and refunds from 13/05/2020. Bookings that where made before 13/05/2020 but where the journey is ahead of time and were not rebookable or refundable before, are now rebookable. Tickets sold on from 18/06/2020 not rebookable or refundable.

The follwing rules apply for both rebookable and refundable tickets:

  • Seat and Recliner seat must be cancelled at least 24 hours before departure.
  • Private Compartment and Private Compartment Comfort must be cancelled at least seven days before departure.

The booking fee is not refunded and is not part of the travel voucher for rebookable tickets.

When a rebookable ticket is cancelled, the passenger will receive a travel voucher consisting of the ticket price excluding the booking fee, valid for purchase within 180 days. The travel voucher can be used for a rebookable ticket with Snälltåget. When purchasing a trip where the price for the ticket is lower than that of the travel voucher, the passenger will receive a new travel voucher with the differing value. When booking through Snälltå, you automatically receive a travel voucher with the differing value, but if you book through a reseller, you have to contact us to receive a travel voucher with the differing value.

If you bought your ticket through Snälltåget, you can cancel or rebook your ticket here

If your ticket was purchased through SJ before 18/06/2020, you can cancel or rebook your journey here. If you bought your ticket through a different reseller, contact the reseller for cancellation or refunds.

Can I travel?

We are following the recommendations of the authorities and updating about developments at the destinations. If the travel recommendations of the authorities change, we will of course make changes accordingly.

If you have a trip planned and feel cold or flu-like symptoms, stay home and avoid meeting other people than the ones you live with. That way, you avoid infecting other people on the train, at work or other places.

As of 29/07/2020 Sweden no longer advices against travelling to Denmark. However, keep in mind that you must have special reasons for travelling into Denmark. If you do not live in Skåne, Blekinge or Halland, you must have booked accommodation for at least 6 nights if you have no other special reason for entry, such as transit trips or if you have relatives living in Denmark.

Denmark has, as of 30/07/2020, lifted their recommendations against travelling to Sweden.

It is possible to travel freely to Germany, but keep in mind that there are restrictions in place in Germany.

For those of you travelling – keep this in mind:

  • You should only travel if you are healthy and symptom-free.
  • If you are hesitant to travel, for your own sake or for the sake of others, don't travel.
  • Keep your distance to your fellow travellers when you get off and on the train, while standing in line to the toilet.
  • You are welcome to visit our restaurant carriage "The Pub". If you want to enjoy hot food, drink beer och wine, you must book a table in advance. We also sell coffee, tea, sodas, water, sandwiches, salads, snacks and candy that you can bring with you to your seat.

More seats on board to keep the distance

On board the trains, we have increased the capacity in number of seats to increase the distance between those who travel. We currently only sell seats by the window so that you can keep your distance to other travellers.

For a short period of time there was a possibility to buy aisle seats. If you travel alone and have received a ticket where your seat is by the aisle, contact our staff on board who can help you find another seat.

As of 03/08/2020 Snälltåget introduces a new and more affordable ticket for families or groups who can and want to travel together during the period August 8th - October 15th. Simply enter the discount code TILLSAMMANS in the online booking, and the accompanying adult, youth, student or senior will receive 50% discount on the adult price. You then get seats next to eachother, but it is also a possibility to keep your distance from other travellers.

We now offer the possibility to book a private compartment, in which you can travel by yourself or with company. Private compartments are only available to buy at Snälltå

On our connecting bus services to and from Jönköping, Växjö and Blekinge we have limited the number of seats to about 60 percent. If there are a lot of passengers on board, we kindly ask those of you travelling together to also sit together.