Night train Stockholm–Berlin

Snälltåget's new line Stockholm–Malmö–Copenhagen–Hamburg–Berlin will be the first night train service to operate on a regular basis between Sweden, Denmark and Germany since the 1990's. The first train departs on June 11, 2021. 


Departures in 2021


Departures from Sweden

Daily from June 27 until September 5 and Wednesdays and Saturdays  until September 29

Stockholm C 16:20
Södertälje Syd16:39
Norrköping C17:45
Linköping C18:11
Nässjö C19:10
Hässleholm C20:31
Lund C21:05
Malmö C21:55
Høje Taastrup (Copenhagen Area)22:45
Hamburg Hbf*05:31
Berlin Hbf*08:52

*On Sunday mornings the train will arrive at Hamburg Hbf at 09.02 and Berlin Hbf at 12.24, due to maintenance work on the Rendsburger Hochbrücke north of Hamburg.

The departure times might be subject to change due to trackworks.


Departures from Germany

Daily from June 28 until September 5 and Wednesdays and Saturdays 8 until October 2

Berlin Hbf19:02
Hamburg Hbf*23:26
Høje Taastrup (Copenhagen Area)06:38
Malmö C07:40
Lund C09:32
Hässleholm C10:07
Nässjö C11:30
Linköping C12:26
Norrköping C12:52
Södertälje Syd14:00
Stockholm C 14:20

The departure times might be subject to change due to trackworks.


The best and most convenient way to buy tickets to Snälltågets train services is here on our website.

In our online booking system you can combine Snälltåget night train service with our connecting bus services from Jönköping and Växjö, local transport in Skåne (Skånetrafiken), Stockholm (SL) and also 30 destinations in Germany with DB. It is also possible to buy online tickets to and from Prague. Combining tickets is possible within 3–6 months before departure.


Prices vary due to departure and comfort class. Prices are available in the online booking.

Green energy

Snälltåget uses green energy from water, wind and sun to reduce the environmental impact of your journey.

Passport is required for travel

Travel with the night train service is only possible with

  • Passport with MRZ code or 
  • National ID card of EU standard, containing MRZ code or chip, issued by a national authority within the EU / EEA.

This applies to all travelers, including children.

The documents must be provided in the ticket control.

The border police carries out regular controls.

How do I travel with the night train?

Boarding the night train is the start of your adventure. You can choose between different comfort levels, but if you travel together, you will have the best experience if you book a Private Compartment. During the evening you can socialise, play games or visit our restaurant Krogen ("The Pub").


Seat – the most affordable option

You have a reserved seat in a coach (open saloon). When travelling on your own – you get your own seat and if you're travelling together, you will get seats next to each other.


Recliner Seat – for solo travellers

You travel in a comfortable chair that is wider than the regular Seat. There are fewer booked seats in the coach for better comfort. A pillow, pillowcase, blanket and a sheet is included in the price.


Private Compartment – if you travel together

You have a private compartment for you or your company of up to six people. When you board, the compartment is in seat mode and when it is time for bed, you turn the seats into berths. In night mode, there are three berths on each side of the compartment and you can reach the upper berths with a ladder. Pillows, pillowcases, sheets, blankets and duvets for making the bed are included in the price.

Private Compartment is available for night time travellers.

Due to the consequences of the Corona virus, we no longer offer single berths in a compartments and instead we offer Recliner Seat or Private Compartment.



There are two toilets at the end of each coach, no matter the comfort level.



There is Wi-Fi in all coaches except for our restaurant. Keep in mind that it is much slower than an at home network. Make sure you download any movies you want to watch before boarding the train.


Power outlets

All our coaches have power outlets. They are placed on the wall, but there are fewer outlets than passengers. The effect of the electrical outlet is limited which means that they are made for charging for example your phone or computer. In Private Compartment there are only USB outlets.



It's not possible to bring your bike with the night train, except for folding bikes.



Sorry - you can't bring your pets on the night train.

Is there a restaurant on board?

Enjoying a nice meal in our restaurant on your way to your adventure is a must. Visiting our restaurant Krogen ("The Pub") is popular and therefore we have a reservation system. You will receive more information about the menu and how to reserve a table before your journey.

The restaurant Krogen is open between 16.00–21.00 on your southbound journey and 10.00–14.00 on your northbound journey. 

During the whole journey you can visit "Lönnkrogen" (The Little Pub) which is located in the train staff's compartment. Here we sell coffee, water, soft drinks, wine, beer and snacks. This is also where you pick up your pre-ordered breakfast bag. When the train staff checks tickets, "Lönnkrogen" is closed.

In Lönnkrogen you can pay with SEK, DKK, EUR or with Swish (Swedish mobile payment). We are investigating the possibilities of extended payment methods.

Are Interrail passes valid?

Interrail Global Pass is valid, but you must purchase a reservation.

You do this by entering the discount code INTERRAIL on Snälltå The price is SEK 199 for a seat, SEK 399 for a Recliner Seat and SEK 2,299 for Private Compartment (for 1-6 persons).

On night trains, special rules apply for travel with a card that has a certain number of travel days during a certain period of validity (also known as Flexi Pass). You must fill in the date you start the journey with the night train and then your Interrail card is valid until you get off the night train the next day.

Regardless of the type of card you have, the entire trip must take place within the validity period of your Interrail pass.

Interrail One Country only applies to local travel in the country in which it is valid and does not apply across national borders.

Please note that the promotional code INTERRAIL only applies if you have a valid Interrail pass. If you do not have an Interrail pass at the time of the ticket control, the ticket is not valid.