The Pub

Have a seat in The Pub!

Our restaurant, affectionately known as Krogen (The Pub), is located in the middle of the train. Enjoy the beautiful landscape with a cup of coffee and cake or with one of our main dishes!

We want to reduce single-use items and therefore serve food and drinks with reusable plates, glasses, cutlery and cups. You are very welcome to eat and drink in the restaurant, but should you bring your meal our hot drink to your seat, please remember to bring back the dishes to The Pub. Bonne appetit!

Krogen runs in all of our departures except for Malmö – Berlin and Berlin – Malmö, where instead we recommend a visit at the restaurant and café on board the Stena Line ferry, FS Sassnitz.

Pay with Visa, MasterCard or Swish. You can pay cash in SEK if you pay the exact amount, since we don't provide change.


Hot dishes

Slow-cooked pork with tarragon mayonnaise and roasted potatoes 110 kr
Beef patties with creamy tarragon-black pepper-sauce, potato wedges and roasted carrot 110 kr
Beetroot patties with black lentils, yellow beetroot and raita (vegetarian, vegan without raita) 110 kr
Fish with dill sauce, broccoli and mashed potatoes 110 kr
Meatballs with cream sauce, lingonberry jam and mashed potatoes (children's portion) 65 kr


Cold dishes and sandwiches

Salad: Chicken Caesar 75 kr
Salad: Oumph! Kimchi 75 kr
Shrimp sandwich 99 kr
Smørrebrød Herring/Roast Beef/Chicken 119 kr
Vegetarian wrap 65 kr
Baguette Pastrami 65 kr
Cheese sandwich 29 kr



Enjoy breakfast on board! Our breakfast includes a hot drink (coffee, tea or hot chocolate), cheese sandwich and a fruit.

Purchase on board 65 kr
Pre-book with ticket purchase 59 kr



Fruit 8 kr



Cold drinks

Coca Cola, 33 cl 25 kr
Coca Cola Zero, 33 cl 25 kr
Fanta, 33 cl 25 kr
Still water, 50 cl 25 kr
Sparkling water, 50 cl 25 kr
Pucko, 20 cl 25 kr
Level Organic lemonade, 33 cl 25 kr



Warm drinks

Coffe 25 kr
Tea 25 kr
Hot chocolate 25 kr




Cinnamon bun 20 kr
Swedish fika – three assorted cookies 20 kr
Apple pie with vanilla sauce 20 kr




Spaten München, 50 cl 79 kr
Corona Extra, 35 cl 65 kr
Stella Artois, 33 cl 65 kr
Hoegarden White, 33 cl 65 kr
Goose IPA, 50 cl 65 kr
Limhamn Pilsner, 33 cl 72 kr




La Vieille Ferme Rouge, 37,5 cl, red wine 120 kr
Bordeaux Merlot 18,75 cl, red wine 70 kr
La Vieille Ferme Blanc, 37,5 cl, white wine 120 kr
Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc 18,75 cl, white wine 70 kr
Cava Brut Reserva 37,5 cl, sparkling wine 130 kr
La Vieille Ferme Rosé 37,5 cl, rosé 120 kr


Non-alcoholic beer and wine

Beck's Blue beer, 33 cl 35 kr
Barrels & Drums Chardonnay 85 kr
Barrels & Drums Merlot 85 kr


Candys and snacks

Chips salted 15 kr
Chips sourcream and onion 15 kr
Festivalmix (nuts) 29 kr
Ölkorv (smoked dry sausage) 25 kr
Twix/Snickers/Dumle (chocolate) 13 kr
Marabou Schweizernöt 100 g (chocolate) 25 kr
Nu+Cao 40 g (veg. chocolate) 35 kr
Polly Original candy 130 g 29 kr
Ahlgrens bilar candy 125 g 25 kr
Råttågott Lakritsmix (liquorice) 29 kr




Pack of cards 25 kr