The Pub

Our restaurant, affectionately known as Krogen (The Pub), is located in the middle of the train. Enjoy the beautiful landscape with a cup of coffee and cake or with one of our main dishes. All main courses are served on porcelain plates. Bonne appetit!

Krogen runs in all of our departures except for Malmö-Berlin and Berlin-Malmö, where instead we recommend a visit at the restaurant and café on board the Stena Line ferry, FS Sassnitz.

Pay at any time with Visa, MasterCard or Swish. You can also pay cash in SEK, DKK, EUR and NOK.


Hot Dishes

Pasta Bolognese 110 SEK
French Country Stew (vegan) 95 SEK
Swedish Cheese Pie (vegetarian) 95 SEK
Pizza Slice Cheese and Ham 69 SEK
Beef Burger with Mashed Potatoes 120 SEK
Pancakes with Jam and Whipped Cream 65 SEK


A non-alcoholic beverage is included when you pre-book your meal!


Cold Dishes and Sandwiches

Shrimp Sandwich with Hand-peeled Shrimps from the North Sea 119 SEK
Shrimp Sandwich with Grängesberg Pilsner (50 cl) or White Wine (18,75 cl) 179 SEK
Caesar Salad 95 SEK
Baguette with Turkey and Cheese 49 SEK
Sandwich with Cheese (vegetarian) 39 SEK
Vegetable Chili Wrap (vegan) 59 SEK
Wasa Sandwich (crispbread) 13 SEK


A non-alcoholic beverage is included when you pre-book a shrimp sandwich or caesar salad! The price for the shrimp sandwich is only 99 SEK when your pre-book with ticket purchase.



Enjoy breakfast on board! Our breakfast includes a hot drink (coffee, tea or hot chocolate), juice, Sandwich with Cheese (vegetarian) and fruit.
Purchase On Board 65 SEK
Pre-book With Ticket Purchase 59 SEK



Fruit 8 SEK



Cold Drinks

Coca Cola, 33 cl 25 SEK
Fanta, 33 cl 25 SEK
Loka, 33 cl (Sparkling Water) 25 SEK
Grythyttan, 50 cl (Still Water) 25 SEK
Kivik Apple Juice, 25 cl 25 SEK
Bamse Fruit Drink, 25 cl 20 SEK
Pucko (Chocolate Milk) 20 cl 25 SEK



Hot DrinksCoca Cola, 33cl

Coffee 25 SEK
Tea 25 SEK
Hot Chocolate 2 SEK




Hot Drink with Cinnamon Bun 35 SEK
Cinnamon Bun 15 SEK




Grängesberg Pilsner, 50 cl 69 SEK
Mellerud Ale, 33 cl 69 SEK
Heineken, 50 cl 75 SEK
Baron Trenck, 50 cl 79 SEK
Paulaner Hefe, 50 cl 79 SEK




El Coto Crianza, 37,5 cl, Red Wine 120 SEK
Spring Village Merlot 18,75 cl, Red Wine 69 SEK
El Coto Blanco, 37,5 cl, White Wine 120 SEK

Spring Village Chardonnay 18,75 cl, White Wine

69 SEK
Codornìu Clasico Brut 20 cl, Sparkling Wine 69 SEK




Candys and Snacks

Potato Chips 15 SEK
Gott & Blandat Candy 20 SEK
Cashew Nuts 25 SEK
Ahlgrens bilar Candy 20 SEK
Smoked Dry Sausage 20 SEK
Snickers, Toblerone, Daim and Japp 13 SEK





Plastic Cutlery 5 SEK
Pack of Cards 25 SEK