Have a seat at the table!

The food is half the journey onboard Snälltåget – sit down at the table in a classic environment and watch the landscape pass you by while enjoying a nice meal, made with quality ingredients. Enjoy coffee or a snack, have a fresh salad or order a tasty, classic meal and something to drink!

Avoid standing too close to one another when standing in line. If possible, avoid lunch time (11.30–12.30) and dinner time (17.30–19.00) to avoid crowding.

The Pub comes along on all our departures, except for Malmö–Berlin.

Quality meals from "Maten é klar" by Tareq Taylor

We serve hot meals in our restaurant. We use reusable plates and cutlery to make it as tasty as possible, while at the same time making it more environmentally friendly. If you are looking for something to bring to your seat, we have a selection of sandwiches.

Coq au vin served with rice110 kr
Salisbury steak served with a creamy tarragon pepper sauce, potato wedges and roasted carrot.110 kr
Lasagna with tomato sauce (vegan)110 kr
Beetroot patties with root vegetable gratin (vegetarian)110 kr
For children: Meatballs with cream sauce, lingonberry jam and mashed potatoes 65 kr

Fresh salads and delicious sandwiches from Salads & Smoothies

Shrimp baguette109 kr
Baguette with cheese and pastrami65 kr
Cheese sandwich35 kr

Cold drinks

Coca Cola25 kr
Coca Cola Zero25 kr
Fanta 33 cl25 kr
Still water 50 cl 25 kr
Kolsyrat vatten 50 cl 25 kr
Pucko chocolate milk 20 cl 25 kr
Level Organic lemonade 33 cl25 kr
Apple cider25 kr