Snälltåget to Vemdalen

Our night trains take you directly and comfortably to Vemdalen. Board the train in the afternoon or evening, relax in your compartment and enjoy a nice dinner in our restaurant Krogen. You wake up rested the day after, enjoy breakfast onboard and are ready for your day at the snowy slopes.


Departures and stations 2022/2023

The timetable are adjusted to the accommodations in Vemdalen, where you leave and arrive Thursdays and Sundays. During 2022/23 we have departures from 17th of December 2022 until 16th of April 2023. Click here to view the timetable for the train.

The train departs from Malmö Wednesdays and Saturdays and you arrive in Vemdalen Thursday and Sunday morning. After some breakfast you are prepared for a day at the slopes, with lots to look forward to. The return departure is in the afternoon and the train is back in Stockholm late Thursday or Sunday evening and in Malmö Friday or Monday morning.

On Sundays, the train goes directly to Röjan station at Inlandsbanan. From there we offer bus services to Vemdalens three main skiing areas – Björnrike, Vemdalsskalet and Klövsjö/Storhogna. The bus journey takes from 15 minutes depending on what destination you are going to, and is included in the ticket price.

On Thursdays 11 January until 23 March and 11 April until 16 April, you leave the train in Östersund and board the bus to your destination from there, making the bus journey about one hour longer.


Timetable for the bus service 2022/2023

Bus service from Röjan

Departure 22 Dec, 29 Dec, 5 Jan, Sundays 8 Jan–9 Apr and Thursdays 2 Mar–6 Apr
Klövsjö Skidområde08.55
Storhogna M09.03
Storhogna Högfjällshotell09.05
Vemdalsskalet Skistar Gästservice09.15
Skalspasset Skistarshop09.20
Björnrike, torget och centrat09.50
Funäsdalen, busstationen10.30
Bruksvallarna, Stigmyhrs Livs10.45
Ramundberget, fjällgården11.00


Bus service from Östersund

Departure Thursdays 11 Jan–23 Mar and 11 Apr–16 Apr
Östersund C, hpl C06.25
Klövsjö Skidområde07.45
Storhogna M07.58
Storhogna Högfjällshotell08.00
Vemdalsskalet Skistar Gästservice08.15
Skalspasset Skistarshop08.25


Bus service to Röjan

Departure 22 Dec, 29 Dec, 5 Jan, Sundays 8 Jan–9 Apr and Thursdays 2 Mar–6 Apr
Ramundberget, fjällgården13.15
Bruksvallarna, Stigmyhrs Livs13.25
Funäsdalen, busstn13.40
Björnrike, torget och centrat14.35
Skalspasset Skistarshop14.55
Vemdalsskalet Skistar Gästservice15.05
Storhogna Högfjällshotell15.20
Storhogna M15.22
Klövsjö Skidområde15.25


Bus service to Östersund

Departure Thursdays 11 Jan–23 Mar and 11 Apr–16 Apr
Skalspasset Skistarshop15.20
Vemdalsskalet Skistar Gästservice15.30
Storhogna Högfjällshotell15.40
Storhogna M15.42
Klövsjö Skidområde15.55
Östersund C17.45



How do I travel with the night train to Vemdalen?

Boarding the night train is the start of your adventure. You can choose between different comfort levels, but if you travel together, you will have the best experience if you book a Private Compartment. During the evening you can socialise, play games or visit our restaurant Krogen ("The Pub").


Seat – the most affordable option

You have a seat reserved in a coach or inside a compartment for six people.

Recliner Seat – for solo travellers

You travel in a comfortable chair that is wider than a regular Seat and there are fewer booked seats in the coach for better comfort. A pillow, pillowcase, blanket and a sheet is included in the price.

Recliner Seat is only available when switching in Östersund (Wednesdays from Malmö and Stockholm, Thursdays from Vemdalen).

Private Compartment – if you travel together

You have a private compartment for you or your company of up to six people. When you board, the compartment is in seat mode and when it is time for bed, you turn the seats into berths. In night mode, there are three berths on each side of the compartment and you can reach the upper berths with a ladder. Pillows, pillowcases, sheets, blankets and duvets for making the bed, are included in the price.

Private Compartment is available for night time travellers.

Due to the consequences of the Corona virus, we no longer offer single berths in a compartments and instead we offer Recliner Seat or Private Compartment. Passengers who booked single berths are offered the switch to a Recliner Seat or an upgrade to a Private Compartment for a fee.

Private Compartment Comfort – for extra comfort

Same compartment as the Private Compartment, but where the compartment is in night mode when you arrive an you can go to bed right away. In the morning, breakfast in the restaurant is included.

Private Compartment Comfort is available between Stockholm and Åre.


There are two toilets at the end of each coach, no matter the comfort level.


There is Wi-Fi in all coaches except for our restaurant. Keep in mind that it is much slower than an at home network. Make sure you download any movies you want to watch, before boarding the train.

Power outlets

All our coaches have power outlets. They are placed on the wall, but there is not enough outlets for each passenger. The effect of the electrical outlet is limited which means that they are made for charging for example your phone or computer. Some coaches only have USB outlets.

Bus stops in Vemdalen?

Purchase a train ticket with bus transfer to one of Vemdalens different destinations. The travelling time varies somewhat depending on the number of stops the bus has to make. The time shown in brackets is the approximate travelling time from Röjan station and if you travel from Östersund, it takes one more hour.

  • Klövsjö skidområde, Hotell Klövsjöfjäll (15 minutes)  Google Maps
  • Storhogna M (25 minutes)  Google Maps
  • Storhogna Högfjällshotell & Spa (25 minutes)  Google Maps
  • Vemdalsskalet, SkiStar Gästservice (25–35 minutes) Google Maps
  • Skalspasset, bus stop at SkiStarshop (35–40 minutes)  Google Maps
  • Björnrike, the bus makes two stops, one at the centre (Björnrike Centrat) and one at the square (Björnrike torg). The bus towards Röjan departs firstly from the centre Google Maps and after that the square  Google Maps

You have to purchase tickets to and from the bus stop in order to get a seat on the bus or taxi. If you booked the wrong bus stop by mistake, we need to be notified at least two weekdays in advance in order to book the correct number of people in the bus. If there are no bookings at a ceratin bus stop, the bus or taxi will not stop there.

Make sure you choose an accommodation that suits train travellers – more information below.

Can I bring a pet?

It is not possible to bring pets on the train to Vemdalen.

Is there a restaurant on board?

Enjoying a nice meal in our restaurant on your way to your skiing holiday is a must. Visiting our restaurant Krogen ("The Pub") is popular and therefore we have a reservation system. You will receive more information about the menu and how to reserv a table before your journey.

What about luggage and skiing equipment?

You can bring the following luggage on board:

  • one hand luggage maximum 55x40x23 cm and
  • one hand luggage maximum 80x50x35 cm and
  • a smaller personal item, for example a purse.

You can place the luggage in your compartment or in one of the luggage compartments in the vestibules of each coach. Snälltåget does not take responsibility for luggage in the vestibules. If you have more beds than people in your compartment, you can use these to store luggage.

Can I cancel or rebook my journey?

If you travel in a Private Compartment or Private Compartment Comfort, you can rebook your journey up to seven days before departure. You only pay the booking fee of 79 SEK if you rebook. If you booked Seat or Recliner Seat, you can rebook up to 24 hours before departure, for a fee of 9 SEK per person.

You can also pay extra when you book your ticket, to receive a refundable ticket. The ticket price, except for the booking fee, is refunded. If you travel in a Private Compartment or Private Compartment Comfort, you can cancel your journey up to seven days before departure. If you booked Seat or Recliner Seat, you can cancel up to 24 hours before departure.

If you try to cancel or rebook later than above, you lose the whole ticket price. You can also check the conditions in your home or travel insurance and the travel insurance for paying with your Visa or MasterCard.

Skip the car and the icy roads – take the train to Vemdalen

Would you like to avoid driving far on the snowy roads on your way to the mountains? To travel from the southern or middle of Sweden to Vemdalen to your skiing holiday takes a lot of time and energy. The roads are covered with snow, slippery and curvy and there is limited daylight during this time of year. You have to spend at least one day driving.

Instead, we recommend taking the train to Vemdalen – that way you can rest and enjoy the journey. Since you are travelling with a night train, you gain at least one day in the snow. Let us take care of the transportation while you eat, sleep and rest – so you can arrive well rested in the morning, ready for a day at the slopes!

Train travel is also better for the environment. It is a climate friendly choice and your carbon footprint is significantly lower compared to car or air travel.

More benefits from taking the train to Vemdalen

Taking the train should be rewarded! Destination Vemdalen gives a special welcome to those travelling to Vemdalen by train, by giving you a welcome letter when you board the train. In there you will find useful information about this beautiful destination and a number of generous discounts for your stay in Vemdalen.

From some of the accommodations and cabins, the closest grocery store may be too far away. This should not cause trouble for those opting for the train instead of the car. That is why you can have your food delivered straight to your cabin with the help from Stugkoll Vemdalen, delivering both groceries and freshly baked bread. Hand you shopping list over to Stugkoll Vemdalen and they make sure you have it when you need it, so you can spend more time skiing.

Vemdalen – Sweden's third biggest skiing destination

Vemdalen offers skiing for everybody – from families with small children that are just learning to ski, to the adventurers looking for challenging black pistes. All the slopes are at a high level and the chance for snow is very high.

In Vemdlaen there are three main ski areas, each with their different focus:

Björnrike is perfect for families and seniors, so bring the whole family – grandparents too. There are restaurants and accommodations both at the slopes and close by.

Klövsjö/Storhogna offers both great skiing and some luxury with fancier accommodations and fine dining. You will find challenging black pistes and great skiing trails as well as inside activities and wide slopes with soft snow, perfect for the kids.

Vemdalsskalet offers something for everybody – pistes for alpine skiers, skiing trails, entertainment and modern express lifts.

Furthermore, all skiing destinations in Vemdalen have a cooperation where you can use the same ski pass at all the 55 descents and 34 lifts. In other words, in Vemdalen you have access to a wide range of skiing using just one ski pass. Use the bus Snöpendeln to travel between the different skiing destinations.

Accommodations close to the train in Vemdalen

When yo take the train to Vemdalen, make sure you pick an accommodation where you don't have to rely on a car to get around. Below are our best tips for accommodations in Vemdalsskalet and Björnrike, where there are short walking distances to lifts and pistes, the grocery store, SkiStarShop for ski renting, the sports store, reception and check-in, bus transfer and the bus service Snöpendeln, restaurants and entertainment.


  • Skalets torg
  • Sörgårdarna
  • Fallmoran
  • Hovde Hotell
  • Sport & Bagerihuset
  • Torglidret
  • Torghuset
  • Hovdebyn
  • Skalsbyn


  • Björnbyn
  • Björnrike centrat
  • Bjärvenstugorna
  • Backenstugorna

If you travel to Klövsjö and Storhogna, the accommodations, lifts, pistes and bus services are close by, but there is no grocery store in the area and only a few restaurants.

Package deals with train, accommodation and SkiPass can be purchased through SkiStar.