Travel with Snälltåget to Åre

Welcome onboard our trains from Malmö via Stockholm to Åre! The vacation adventure starts onboard, where you can relax in your compartment or visit our restaurant Krogen if you are in the mood for coffee, dinner or breakfast​. Waking up in the morning the day after, you are ready for a day at the slopes!

Snälltåget also takes you to Åre and Jämtland during the summer and early autumn.


Tickets for departures 2023/24 are likely to be available in June 2023.


Departures and stations

Snälltåget departs from Malmö on Wednesday and Saturday afternoon/evening, calling at Lund, Hässleholm, Alvesta, Nässjö, Linköping, Norrköping, Stockholm and Uppsala and arriving in the mountains the next morning. We have departures from December 17th 2022 until April 30th 2023. The departures are planned after the accommodations in Åre.

The return journey is on Thursday and Sunday, with arrival in Uppsala and Stockholm before midnight.  During the night we make stops in Norrköping, Linköping, Nässjö, Alvesta and in the morning you can arrive in Hässleholm, Lund and Malmö.

During high season we have extra direct trains from Skåne (Malmö, Lund and Hässleholm) to Jämtland and back.


Timetable to Åre, Jämtland & Härjedalen 2022/23

You can also find our time table in the online booking.

Timetable train 3900
Wednesdays and Saturdays from 17 Dec until 29 Apr. Extra departures to Duved 24 Feb and 9 Apr.
Malmö C15.55*
Lund C16.20*
Hässleholm C17.00*
Linköping C*20.05
Norrköping C*20.30
Stockholm C22.50
Uppsala C23.40
Östersund C06.05

*on February 11 there are earlier departure times for the following stations: Malmö C 15.10, Lund C 15.30, Hässleholm C 16:10. The train does not stop in Alvesta, Nässjö, Linköping and Norrköping on February 11.

**from February 11 2023.

Timetable train 3904
Fridays 6 Jan–7 Apr. Does not operate 24 Feb and 3 Mar.
Malmö C17.10
Lund C17.25
Hässleholm C18.05
Linköping C21.00
Norrköping C21.30
Östersund C06.15*

*the trains departing December 21, December 28 and January 4 have earlier arrival times: Östersund C 05.25, Undersåker 06.40, Åre 07.15, Duved 07.35.

Timetable from Åre, Jämtland & Härjedalen

You can also find our time table in the online booking.

Timetable train 3901
Thursdays and Sundays from 18 Dec until 30 Apr. Extra departures from Duved 27 Feb and 10 Apr.
Östersund C18.20
Uppsala C23.05
Stockholm C23.55
Norrköping C02.00
Linköping C02.35
Hässleholm C06.00
Lund C06.50
Malmö C07.10

*from February 12 2023.

Timetable train 3905
Saturdays 7 Jan–8 Apr. Does not operate 4 Mar.
Östersund C20.10
Norrköping C03.25
Linköping C04.00
Hässleholm C08.00
Lund C08.35
Malmö C08.55

Our destinations

Stay in central Åre, enjoy a family vacation in Vemdalen or some cross-country skiing in the Jämtland Triangle – we have a lot of options.


One of the world's best skiing destinations. Get off the train in the middle of the village, close to the slopes and the nightlife.

Jämtlandstriangeln, Storulvån and Storlien

In Enafors, you can take the bus to Storulvån, a common starting point for the Jämtlandstriangeln, The Jämtland Triangle (Storulvån–Blåhammaren–Sylarna–Storulvån).

Edsåsdalen and Vålådalen

In cooperation with Edsåsdalen and Vålådalens Fjällstation we offer a bus service from and to Undersåker station from December 16th 2020 until April 25th 2021. Book the whole journey at Snälltå


Vemdalen offers skiing for everybody – but is also the destination that offers extra benefits to train travellers.

New! Ramundberget and Tänndalen

In cooperation with Ramundberget and Tänndalen we offer a bus service from Röjans station and Östersund.

New! Southern Lapland

In cooperation with Inlandsbanan and skiing destinations in southern Lapland, we can offer a journey to Hemavan Tärnaby, Kittelfjäll and Borgafjäll in February.