Direct train to Austria in summer 2023

This summer, Snälltåget takes you directly from Malmö via Høje Taastrup, Odense, and Kolding to Austria. The night train departs on Saturday, July 22, from Malmö and arrives in the Austrian Alps on Sunday. The return journey takes place one week later on Sunday evening, July 30, and arrival in Sweden occurs on Monday. There are connecting trains with Snälltåget to Stockholm from Malmö, among other places.


Package trips with STS Alpresor to Bad Gastein

Together with STS Alpresor, we offer package trips by train to the popular destination Bad Gastein. The train takes you to Schwarzach St Veit, and from there it's a bus transfer (about 30 minutes).


How and when does the train go to the Alps?

On the map below, you can see the train's route. The dashed line represents the transfer bus from Schwarzach St Veit to Bad Gastein. In Jenbach, you can continue to Zillertal with Zillertalbahn. It is also possible to continue with Postbus to destinations such as Wagrain and Saalbach. We also offer trips with our connecting trains from and to Stockholm, Södertälje, Norrköping, Linköping, Nässjö, and Alvesta.




Time table

Timetable to Austria 22 July 2023
Malmö C14.40
Høje Taastrup15.30
Hamburg Hbf22.13
München Ost06.53
Salzburg Hbf09.15
St Johann im Pongau10.13
Schwarzach St Veit10.25
Zell am See11.05
St Johann in Tirol11.43
Wörgl Hbf12.25
Innsbruck Hbf12.59
Timetable from Austria 30 July 2023
Innbruck Hbf18.09
Wörgl Hbf19.09
St. Johann in Tirol19.54
Zell am See20.34
Schwarzach St Veit21.06
St Johann im Pongau21.13
Bishofshofen Hbf21.35
Salzburg Hbf22.25
München Ost00.17
Hamburg Hbf09.25
Høje Taastrup15.21
Malmö C16.07


The restaurant "Krogen" & Lönnkrogen

In the train you will find our restaurant Krogen, where we serve food and drinks during the day and evening as well as breakfast in the morning.

In Lönnkrogen we offer drinks, snacks and sandwiches throughout the journey. You can also pick up your take-away breakfast there.

Lunch menu, evening menu and reservations

Pre-book lunch and dinner on the train! A special lunch and evening menu applies on the trains to and from Austria. The restaurant is very popular, so you must make a table reservation.

The price of lunch is 150 SEK for adults and 89 SEK for children. A non-alcoholic drink is included in the lunch.

The price of our two-course evening menu is 249 SEK for an adult. A glass of wine, 50 cl beer or non-alcoholic drink is included. The price of a two-course evening menu for children is 125 SEK.

You can pre-pay for the menu in connection with ticket purchase or add via My Journey, but you must book a table.

The menu will be published about one month before departure and will offer vegan alternatives.

Breakfast on board

Start the day right with a breakfast on board. Pre-book breakfast in with your ticket purchase or add via My Journey.

Choose between breakfast in the Krogen or breakfast to-go. The breakfast costs 89 SEK and includes a double cheese roll, juice, fruit, hot drink (coffee, tea or hot chocolate) and a cinnamon bun.



In the train there is a small serving area in the train staff compartment "Lönnkrogen", where we sell drinks, snacks and sandwiches.


Onboard the train

Boarding Snälltåget's night train is the start of your adventure. You can choose between different comfort levels, but if you are traveling together, the best experience is to buy your own compartment.


Seat – the most affordable option

You have a reserved seat in a open salon coach.


Private Compartment – if you travel together

In each compartment, there is room for six persons. Each compartment is equipped with a duvet, pillow and bed linen. The beds are 180 cm long and at least 60 cm wide. The compartment door cannot be locked from the outside, only from the inside. 

There are no set rules for quiet time, but in general it should be quiet enough for those who want to sleep at 22.


Berth in shared compartment

You share a compartment with 6 berths with other passengers.


Luggage and Skis

A suitcase, a ski boot bag and a hand luggage per person may be brought. Do not pack in a large suitcase for the whole party,  divide it instead into several bags, so it is easier to stow your luggage on board.

If you travel with the comfort level seat, the luggage should be placed under the chair in front of you and on the hat shelf above. There is a luggage rack at one end of the coach for larger bags.

If you travel in pricelevel berth in shared compartment or in your Private Compartment, the luggage is placed on shelf (1 in picture below) and under the lower bed (2 in picture below). If you book your own compartment, it is also possible to use an empty bed for luggage or skis.

Pre-book ski check-in! The avilability of check-in is limited and costs SEK 498 for a round trip. If you travel in the price level seat or berth in shared compartment, you must check in your skis.


Each coach has two toilets and two extra washrooms with only basins.



There is Wi-Fi in some carriages, but keep in mind that coverage in Germany is very limited. If you plan to watch a movie during the trip - download it at home beforehand!


USB sockets

The effect is limited to charging a mobile phone or computer. If you travel in the price level seat, there are electrical outlets under your chair. If you travel in berth in shared compartment or Private Compartment, there is a USB socket by the window.


A green journey to the Alps

Snälltåget uses green energy from water, wind and sun to reduce the environmental impact of your journey.

A train journey for one person from Malmö or Copenhagen to Zell am See back and forth means an emission of about 1.2 kg CO2. In this calculation we have included the losses in the electricity network and the impact that the various renewable power sources have on the environment.

A flight Kastrup–Innsbruck / Salzburg with SAS A320NEO equals 267 kg CO2, but then there is a bus transfer is added on top of that. The same trip with a petrol-powered Volvo V60 corresponds to 128 kg CO2 per person with four people in the car. A bus that runs on fossil-free HVO fuel emits about 8 kg of CO2 per person.


Just booking the train journey

Tickets with transfer are purchased online. You can see the prices for each departure in the booking.

The train journey are sold as return trip one. One-way trips may be offered later in some weeks if low demand should arise.

All tickets are personal and the correct information on people must also be available when booking. If you want to change at a later time, the trip must be rebooked.


Ombokning, avbokning och återköp

Tickets that are purchased on Snälltå can be rebooked. The ticket can also be made refundable for a fee.

The follwing rules apply for both rebookable and refundable tickets:

  • Seat and berth in shared compartment be cancelled at least 24 hours before departure.
  • Private Compartment must be cancelled at least seven days before departure.

The booking fee (9-79 SEK per ticket) is not refunded and is not part of the travel voucher for rebookable tickets.

If your purchase a ticket where the departure is within 24 hours (or within seven days for a Private Compartment), it cannot be refunded or rebooked.



Interrail is not valid for travel to and from Austria.