Interrail & Eurail

Interrail and Eurail passes are valid for travel with Snälltåget in Sweden and between Malmö in Sweden i Berlin in Germany with the "Berlin Night Express".

Reservation is mandatory with all Snälltågets departures

  • Seat 5 EUR / 49 SEK
  • Comfort seat 15 EUR / 149 SEK (light meal included)
  • Berth in compartment 39 EUR / 399 SEK
  • Private compartment 229 EUR / 2299 SEK (night trains)

You can make a reservation with the promotional code "INTERRAIL" or "EURAIL" in our online booking systemPlease note that this promotion code only gives discount for the journey with Snälltåget, not for reservations for other rail companies and that you need a Interrail or Eurail pass to travel with the ticket, otherwise the reservation is not valid.

If you travel with "Berlin Night Express" between Malmö and Berlin with Interrail or Eurail, your Interrail pass must be valid in Sweden. Sleeping accommodation is available in a 6-bed couchette car. Sheets, blankets and pillows are provided. Reservation is mandatory and costs 39 EUR / 399 SEK for a berth in a shared compartment and 229 EUR / 2299 SEK for a private compartments.

On night trains there are special rules apply for traveling with flexi pass. You must fill in the date when you start your journey and then your flexi pass is valid until you get of the train next morning.

Please note that the promotional code INTERRAIL only applies if you have a valid Interrail card. If you do not have an Interrail card at the ticket inspection, you don't have a valid ticket.