Right on track to the mountains!

Welcome onboard our trains departing from Malmö via Stockholm to the Swedish skiing and hiking destinations! You can start your vacation onboard and relax in your compartment or visit our restaurant The Pub if you are in the mood for coffee, dinner or even breakfast. Waking up in the morning the day after, you can head directly to the slopes or the hiking trails.

Information about the departures can be found below. Please note that changes in the timetable occur due to track works – check our online booking for planned departure times and arrivals. 

Winter 2018/2019 (December 19 – April 21)

Take the night train and wake up in a winter wonderland, ready to head directly to the slopes! Our trains depart from Christmas until the end of April and we have trains to Undersåker, Åre, Vemdalen, Duved, Enafors and Storlien. We also provide bus services to Vålåldalen, Storulvån and the different skiing destinations in Vemdalen.


Timetable Åre

Timetable Vemdalen

Timetable Vålådalen, Storulvån, Storlien

On board the train



The Pub