Berlin Night Express

The Night Train "Berlin Night Express" between Malmö and Berlin links Scandinavia with the German capital Berlin. Instead of paying extra for accommodation you can use the night train as a combined hostel and carrier. Snälltåget offers departures to and from Berlin in connection to certain weekends and holidays between April and June, as well as weekly departures both ways during the summer.


Below is an overview of the timetable between Malmö and Berlin in 2019. Snälltåget offers connecting trains to and from Stockholm, Södertälje, Norrköping, Linköping, Nässjö and Alvesta. It is also possible to book connecting trains to other cities in Sweden as well as Copenhagen.

Please note that the timetables are preliminary and may be subject to minor changes.


Summer June 24 – August 18

Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays: Malmö C 17:00 – Berlin Hbf 06.45.

Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays: Berlin Hbf 19.25 – Malmö C 07:30

Berlin Night Express in 2019

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