Planned track works

Here you'll find information regarding track works that are planned ahead of time that might affect your journey. For service disruptions or delays of 30 minutes or more, we inform you through SMS if you entered a mobile phone number when you booked your tickets.

Always check our online booking for planned departure times and arrivals.


Information about the corona virus and how it affects your journey, latest update 2020-03-20

Right now, a lot of people want to get in touch with us. Below you find our latest information regarding how the corona virus affects your journey with Snälltåget. We kindly ask you, if possible, to not contact us on the phone and instead e-mail us at If your concern is about a journey that is departing in one week or later, we kindly ask you to wait to get in touch, since changes happen rapidly.

On Thursday March 19 Public Health Agency of Sweden gave new recommendations regarding unnecessary domestic travel, mainly to and from the Stockholm area. We have therefore made a temporary change to our conditions for non-rebookable tickets purchased before March 20 and with a travel date between March 21 – and April 19 2020. We offer you a voucher if you wish to not travel, read more here. If you have a refundable tickets, regular conditions apply. If you bought a ticket valid after April 19, regular conditions apply and we ask you to follow the development and contact us later. If you bought a package journey where Snälltåget is a part of the journey, the travel agency’s conditions apply.

We continue to follow the recommendations of authorities and the development at our destinations. If the recommendations change, so will our conditions.

If you booked a trip and have symptoms of a cold, you should stay at home according to the latest guidelines of the Public Health Agency of Sweden and avoid meeting other people than those you live with. That way you can avoid transmitting the virus to people on the train, bus, your workplace and other places.

The Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs advises against non-essential travel to all countries until April 14 2020. As a consequence, the night train Malmö–Berlin has been cancelled during Easter. Passengers have been informed. If you booked a journey for a later date, we ask you to await the recommendations of authorities.

The Danish government has decided not to allow foreign citizens to travel to Denmark. The traffic across the Öresund bridge is reduced. The Danish Ministry for Foreign Affairs also advises against non-essential travel to Sweden. If you live in Denmark and bought a package journey where Snälltåget is a part of the journey, contact your travel agency immediately. The restrictions are valid until April 13 2020.