Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have compiled answers to some of our most common questions. More detailed information is also available at our Ticket rules and General Terms and Conditions for Carriage by Rail.

Booking and Tickets

I still haven't received my ticket?

Can I order assistance for Snälltåget's departures?

I cannot book my ticket through your website?

How can I get a discount as a student?

How can I get a discount as a senior?

When is your next departure to Berlin?

Delays and Cancellations

What are my rights if the train is delayed?

How do I cancel my tickets?

What happens if the train is delayed and I miss my connecting bus/train?

On Board

How much luggage can I bring?

Can I bring a stroller?

Can I bring my pet?

Can I bring my bike?

Can I travel with a wheelchair?

Is there a restaurant on board?

Can I make a reservation in the restaurant?

After the Journey

I have forgotten something on board, can you help me?

The train was delayed, how do I apply for compensation?