Compensation for Delay according to EC No. 1371/2007

If Snälltåget is more than 60 minutes delayed, you can apply for compensation in accordance with EC No. 1371/2007 by filling in the form below.

If the train ends up with a delay between 60-119 minutes on arrival, you receive 25 % of the ticket price as a refund. If the train is more than 120 minutes late, you get 50 % of the ticket price.

Nobody wants to be late – however, now your delay can contribute to something positive! We offer you the opportunity to donate your compensation to the City Missions in Skåne or Stockholm – Skåne Stadsmission or Stockholms Stadsmission. If you choose to do that, we add 10 % to the amount. You can also choose to receive vouchers that you can use in our restaurant The Pub (then we round off the amount to nearest 50 SEK) or cash refund to your bank account.

Snälltåget does not offer compensation for additional expenditures, such as taxi, loss of income etc.