Night Train Malmö - Berlin

The Night Train Malmö -  Berlin links Scandinavia with the German capital Berlin. Instead of paying extra for accommodation you can use the night train as a combined hotel and carrier.


Timetable 2014

The train runs from June 26th to August 17th. For departure days and train timetables, click on the links below.

Timetable Malmo - Berlin summer 2014 in PDF format

In the timetable will also find connecting trains on our line Malmo - Stockholm and vice versa. For travel from other locations, you can search for connections by pressing Book travel at the top left of the menu.

Prices and booking

The journey Malmo - Berlin costs from 399 SEK one way in couchette. The price varies at different frequencies and demand. See Book travel for current price. Children under 16  years accompanying paying Adult pays 349 SEK one way (maximum 2 Children per Adult)

You can book tickets for spring departures on our website or on the phone +46 771 26 00 00 (a surcharge of SEK 50 when booking over the phone).

InterRail and Eurail

InterRail and Eurail pass holders only require a pass valid in Sweden to travel between Malmö and Berlin. Sleeping accommodation is available in a 6-bed couchette car. Sheets, blankets and pillows are provided. Reservation is mandatory and costs 29 EUR.

You can make an reservation over Phone +46 771 26 00 00. You have to pay with Visa or MasterCard.

The Night Train

The Night Train Malmo - Berlin offers travel in Couchette coaches . You can choose to purchase berhts or the whole compartment (Privat Cochuette compartment).

Not only is the night train is the only direct train link from Germany to Sweden but it also offers a unique travel experience as part of the journey involves the train traveling onboard a ferry through the Baltic Sea between Trelleborg - Sassnitz, where we travel with Stena Line train ferries Trelleborg and Sassnitz. 

During the ferry crossing you can enjoy a buffet breakfast for 99 SEK or an light evening buffet for 99 SEk onboard the ferry.

If you are traveling from Malmö 17.35 or 22.28 from Berlin you have to leave the train during the ferry crossing. Approximately 30 minutes before arrival of the ferry you can get back on the train. The train is locked during the ferry crossing. If you are traveling on either a Friday or a Saturday you are allowed to stay onboard the train during the ferry crossing.